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Welcome to sunflex

ISPO in Munich

Since more than 20 years we are exhibiting at ISPO in Munich.

Some years ago there have been two fairs per year, in summer and winter.

ISPO is for us the most important sports fair in Germany and nearly all over the world.

We keep in touch personally with our customers but also establish new contacts. Statement from one of our export staff members:

" At ISPO in Munich we can nearly meet all our international customers. The fair suits perfectly to present our new products and discuss the coming season. But also we see a lot of new faces and get known to new companies and markets. With help of the personal contact the relationship with customers becomes even better and you can build up a good business for the future."

Additionally we are always searching for new products which we might find at ISPO. Statement from our product management:

"2018 is my 9th ISPO in Munich. As product manager I keep my eyes open for new products and use ISPO as source of inspiration. All global players meet here so in my opinion ISPO is a reliable source regarding coming trends."

Light dawns on beach sports!

Glowing in the dark!

Outdoor throwing games usually end with sunset – catching becomes tricky, and one doesn’t want to lose one’s favorite leisure equipment. Thanks to the new GLOW sports items with fl uorescent prints, the natural curfew is now a thing of the past:

Once the balls have soaked up enough sunlight during the day, they allow continued play for quite some time after dark.

Light, 100% non-fading neoprene guarantees excellent water and beach qualities.

Because the products are very robust and elastic, they are especially suitable for children.

For an overview of all products please click here!

Waboba develops to a seriously taken sport

Keep life fun!

The term „Waboba” results from „water bouncing ball” and characterizes the ability of that unique ball. It bounces like a flat stone on the water which everyone has thrown over water as a child for sure.

After the “development” of the sport in 2011 in Portugal, the water sport “Waboba” rejoices an ever-growing demand.

As Waboba is suitable for kids and grown-ups, it combines movement, social competence and fun to an extraordinary game which motivates to continue.

Of course, Waboba continues to create new ideas and other possible applications! For that reason, there are already Waboba balls for the “street” like for example Waboba Street (for special tricks) or Waboba Moon (for special high bounces). Our all-rounder is called Waboba Flyer – it is playable in water or ashore, with a racket, the hand or foot.

We hope that we have aroused your interest! Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.



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